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bug#19332: atk fails to build

From: Mark H Weaver
Subject: bug#19332: atk fails to build
Date: Tue, 09 Dec 2014 22:23:59 -0500
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Mark H Weaver <address@hidden> writes:

> atk fails to build.  See:
>   http://hydra.gnu.org/build/172242
> The problem was introduced between 427476d (works) and 5a4753a (fails),
> probably one of these two commits:
> 5a4753a * gnu: gobject-introspection: Define search path for typelib files.
> 6671724 * gnu: gobject-introspection: Update to 1.42.0 and add new patch.

It turns out that upgrading 'gobject-introspection' broke lots of
libraries that use it.  Updating 'atk' to the latest version fixed it.
Ditto for 'pango'.  I'm currently working on updating the affected


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