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bug#20067: fix interpretation of grub configuration

From: Tomáš Čech
Subject: bug#20067: fix interpretation of grub configuration
Date: Mon, 9 Mar 2015 21:34:43 +0100
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Grub configuration interpretes `linux' as directory where is located
bzImage. If I enter file name instead, result configuration will be

Example of system configuration:
(bootloader (grub-configuration
              (device "/dev/sda")
                 (label "Gentoo")
                 (linux "/vmlinuz-gentoo") ; vmlinuz-gentoo is file
                 (linux-arguments (list
                 (initrd "/initramfs-gentoo")

Result part of grub.cfg:
menuentry "Gentoo" {
 # Set 'root' to the partition that contains the kernel.
 search --file --set /vmlinuz-gentoo/bzImage

 linux /vmlinuz-gentoo/bzImage root=/dev/venom/gentoo 
 initrd /initramfs-gentoo

It would be nice if the the string would be simply copied into
grub.cfg, so I could use even `(hd0,msdos1)/vmlinuz'.

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