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bug#19015: Fixed

From: 宋文武
Subject: bug#19015: Fixed
Date: Tue, 10 Mar 2015 17:02:24 +0800

Fixed in commit 2cb4ca6 by remove asla-lib from inputs.

SDL_mixer do a testing for libmikmod using libmikmod-config.
libmikmod-config.in has:
    echo address@hidden@ -lmikmod @LIBRARY_LIB@

When built with alsa driver support, @LIBRARY_LIB@ become "-lm -lasound",
require alsa-lib presented to get the test success.  But in fact the
use of libmikmod
library don't depends on the drivers (alsa),  and the libmikmod.pc
file doesn't have them
in Libs (and Libs.private). So I think it's a bug where @LIBRARY_LIB@
contains '-lasound'.

Instead of  dropping @LIBRARY_LIB@ from libmikmod-config.in, I notice
that the only user
of libmikmod is sdl-mixer, which use it's own audio output drivers.
So I'm temped to remove
alsa-lib from libmikmod (the libx11 is unused IIRC).

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