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bug#20920: Show example for GuixSD config.scm

From: Evan Rowley
Subject: bug#20920: Show example for GuixSD config.scm
Date: Sun, 28 Jun 2015 10:22:44 -0400


I'm very interested in running a GuixSD system. I'm currently setting
one up now, and am hoping someone here would be kind enough to share
their /etc/config.scm with me. Particularly, I'm looking for examples
of how a system with multiple partitions would be defined in the
config.scm file.

My Partitions
1. bios_grub 10M
2. /boot 500M
3. /swap 16.5G
4. /root 50G
5. /usr 50G
6. /var 50G
7. /home 50G

This installation is for a 250GB hard disk on a SuperMicro H8DGU-F
motherboard with an AMD Opteron 6128 CPU and 8GB of ECC RAM. Let me
know if there is anything anyone wants tested about this setup
(assuming I can get it online)

 - EJR

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