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bug#23286: Unable to unlock xscreensaver in Xfce

From: Albin
Subject: bug#23286: Unable to unlock xscreensaver in Xfce
Date: Wed, 13 Apr 2016 23:16:31 +0200
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I just installed the xscreensaver package in Xfce and added it to
autostart.  I also enabled the screen lock from the xscreensaver-demo
window.  Now, if I manually run xflock4 or leave the computer alone for
a couple of minutes the screensaver starts and when I move the mouse the
unlock box appears with this text:

XscreenSaver 5.35
My hostname
Authentication failed!
My username

Any keyboard or mouse button input just closes the unlock box and the
screensaver resumes.  I'm able to escape, however, by pressing
ctrl+alt+F2 to open a new TTY from where it's possible to log in and
shut down the computer.


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