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bug#23409: unable to load free firmware

From: Ludovic Courtès
Subject: bug#23409: unable to load free firmware
Date: Sun, 01 May 2016 15:19:34 +0200
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Quilro Ordonez <address@hidden> skribis:

> I am trying to lo use Broadcom wireless device on GuixSD. It is
> confirmed to work with free drivers and free firmware. It works
> correctly in Trisquel too.
> dmesg gives the following messages. I have included only the relevant
> parts:


> [   20.591158] b43-phy0 ERROR: Firmware file "b43-open/ucode5.fw" not
> found
> [   21.313688] b43-phy0 ERROR: /*(DEBLOBBED)*/

“DEBLOBBED” would suggest that Linux-libre’s deblobbing script viewed it
as an opaque binary blob and thus patched it, which may be an issue
here, no?

I assume you used the firmware packages that Leo copied.  Could you get
its author to submit it?  :-)

What’s your GuixSD OS config like?  You must make sure to list the
firmware packages in the ‘firmware’ field, as noted at:


Is this part OK?


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