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bug#23557: "corrupt input while restoring archive from socket" after int

From: Harry Prevor
Subject: bug#23557: "corrupt input while restoring archive from socket" after interrupted package install
Date: Sat, 21 May 2016 18:06:46 -0400
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Thanks Ludo',

On 2016-05-16 17:10, address@hidden wrote:
I tried to install emacs on guix recently, and I actually got a kernel
panic in the middle of installing so I had to do a hard reboot.

Are you installing GuixSD, or are you installing Guix on another distro?

I'm trying to install emacs on GuixSD, which is running on a Thinkpad X200.

What does this command report (run as root):

  guix substitute --help

This command just displays help text?

Do you know what substitute server is being used?

I don't know. I tried using guix substitute --substitute but I'm having trouble identifying what the other two arguments should be.

Can you try:

  guix build emacs --substitute-urls=http://mirror.hydra.gnu.org

It seems to have succeeded:

@ build-succeeded /gnu/store/p5bhpqf6zj1kg55p4gyndrppswbskh8k-emacs-24.5.drv -

After doing this, I tried doing "guix package -i emacs" again, and it installed successfully! Thank you for your help; unfortunately I don't know exactly what fixed this but I'd be happy to continue debugging if it's of use to someone.

Thanks in advance!


PS: Please keep address@hidden Cc’d.

Will do!

Harry Prevor

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