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bug#25205: Guix package is using the GuixSD logo instead of the Guix log

From: Luis Felipe López Acevedo
Subject: bug#25205: Guix package is using the GuixSD logo instead of the Guix logo
Date: Sat, 17 Dec 2016 21:14:51 -0500
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On 2016-12-17 16:05, Chris Marusich wrote:


Looks great!  Does the guix-artwork repository contain the "horizontal"
version that is currently published on the website? I couldn't find it.

Yes, the SVG file for each logo has variants (horizontal, light, dark, etc.). In Inkscape, you can select a variant and export it.

I've also noticed that the Wikipedia article is still using the other
logo.  I attempted to update it, but because I don't have an account, I
wasn't able to replace the SVG file with the new one.


I don't suppose someone on this thread can fix the Wikipedia article?
If not, I'll try again once the 10-day "autoconfirm" period of
restricted access for new Wikipedia accounts passes.

I have an account and could update Guix article, but I won't have time until next Thursday (maybe).

FWIW, there also appears to be a copy of the logo in Wikimedia commons:


I tried to update this one, too, but the Wikimedia uploader rejected the
SVG files as "corrupt".

The current SVGs from the artwork repository were rejected as corrupt?

Luis Felipe López Acevedo

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