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bug#25254: [minor] 'About' page says GuixSD is a "GNU/Linux distribution

From: David Craven
Subject: bug#25254: [minor] 'About' page says GuixSD is a "GNU/Linux distribution"
Date: Fri, 23 Dec 2016 18:35:26 +0100

> It would be better to be consistent with the home page and make clear
> that GuixSD is a GNU distribution, with Linux-libre being the default
> kernel for the foreseeable future.

> Background: Wikipedia has a policy to call GNU/Linux distributions
> "Linux distribution" because that wrong term is more commonly used by
> the public.  To define GuixSD as a "GNU/Linux distribution" gives them
> in turn justification to define it as a "Linux distribution" instead.

That's a sound decision, who knows what a GNU distribution is? People
are confused enough on this topic, no need to let them believe that
this is something totally different.

When I refer to the term operating system - I'm mostly referring to
the meaning in the sense of kernel, again usually I use unprecise
terms to communicate efficiently with people who get distracted by my
usage of preciser terms. Everybody knows the word OS but may not know
what a kernel is.

Besides on most systems there is a lot more software than just what is
provided by GNU or Linux. If we want to be precise we can call it a
mostly POSIX distribution. People might be more aware of the term
POSIX than the term GNU (from my limited sampling at a technical
university), while also providing information or meaning. Calling it a
GNU system is just as descriptive as calling it a Linux system or a
Guix system or a remotely similar to Mac OS X system or a Windows with
cygwin system without windows.

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