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bug#25254: [minor] 'About' page says GuixSD is a "GNU/Linux

From: David Craven
Subject: bug#25254: [minor] 'About' page says GuixSD is a "GNU/Linux
Date: Sun, 25 Dec 2016 19:26:00 +0100

> To David, the Guix developers had the intention to call the system just GNU,
> and distribute it as GNU (Guix is a GNU project after all), but RMS didn't
> agree, so it was decided to use the GuixSD name and call it "A distribution
> of GNU", and not "THE distribution of GNU." [1]

First I appreciate all the work done by members of GNU project or any
other free software project.

I don't object to calling guixsd THE GNU operating system, because
that means that guixsd is an operating system called GNU and is a
project from the GNU organization. If we call it A GNU operating
system then it requires additional explanation. We can not expect
people to know what the criteria is for an operating system being A
GNU operating system. I've spent a considerable amount of the last 8
years learning about computers and I don't find it clear (as I
mentioned in an earlier email there are multiple possible
interpretations of what a GNU system is). If it is explained somewhere
then it is not a problem.

I also think that supporting Hurd also as a kernel does not make
guixsd not a Linux distribution, but makes guixsd both a Linux and a
Hurd distribution. I find it sensible to empathize the "better known"
one, but I don't have any attachment to a particular name or kernel.
What to call something is ultimately a marketing issue and not a
technical issue.

If I had to sell red bananas, I'd call the product a banana. Saying it
is not a banana it is a red banana, and that the main thing about the
banana is the fact that it's red so I'll market my product as simply
red isn't a sound decision in my opinion. If I ask someone do you want
to buy a banana they might say mmh yes I'm hungry, I'd like a banana
thanks. Oh cool it's a red banana! On the other hand if I go and say
do you want to buy some red? I'd expect to get a less positive
response. No thank you I don't need red.

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