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bug#26302: [website] translations

From: ng0
Subject: bug#26302: [website] translations
Date: Sat, 15 Apr 2017 12:00:24 +0000

ng0 transcribed 0.7K bytes:
> ng0 transcribed 0.4K bytes:
> > One thing I like about the template of https://taler.net is the usage of
> > javascript free translations of text (jinja2 is used), easy to select
> > and write.
> > I think translations of web sites are useful, necessary and important.      
> >                                                                             
> >                                                                            
> > We must provide this in the long run on the Guix web site aswell.
> > 
> "Must" sounds very strong, but I think we should do this for the all
> parts possible of the website, starting with the basic website.
> Whoever has an idea how to approach this using Guile should pick this
> task up.

Update on this bug, as I just had some insights in an OStatus Federation
thread with Rafał Piątkowski.

We make use of SXML.
XML has native support for translations, but it's not "user friendly".
The goal here would be to simply the way translations are done.
Here is one way how you can achieve native xml translations:

Our newsposts are in Markdown.
Does Commonmark (what we use as far as I understand Haunt) support
Otherwise we can write one new "post" per translation and have a
dialogue / menu to switch the language.

PGP and more: https://people.pragmatique.xyz/ng0/

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