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bug#27067: Feature request: please allow for either automatic logging of

From: Brenton Horne
Subject: bug#27067: Feature request: please allow for either automatic logging of all output of every guix commands or add an option to each guix command to allow it for all to be logged
Date: Fri, 26 May 2017 04:25:18 +1000

I'm afraid I have no knowledge of Guile or Scheme. Looking at the Guile manual seems to indicate to me it's a language quite unlike most languages I've coded in. The only exception is that it does look a little like Emacs Lisp. 

On 26 May 2017 at 04:10, Arun Isaac <address@hidden> wrote:

Brenton Horne writes:

> Thanks. I did ask in the #guix IRC channel first and no one provided this
> solution (not using this as some criticism, I realize the IRC channel is
> people volunteering their time to help others, just mentioning) and one
> person agreed with my suggestion of reporting this as a feature request.
> Still this feature would be useful, but your idea makes it less urgent.
> Automatic logging still sounds like a good idea as Guix is quite slow for
> some operations at the moment (not dissing the developers of Guix, after
> all at this early stage of development issues like this are to be
> expected), for me at least running GuixSD in a QEMU VM with 8 GB RAM and 3
> CPU cores (3.3 GHz i7 cores), so it might save users interested in filing
> bug reports a lot of time (on re-running the problem command with `| tee
> output.log` after it) if the output was logged automatically. Saving users
> time will probably mean users will be far more motivated and able to
> provide bug reports on issues they experience, which is good for the entire
> Guix community as bugs would get reported and resolved faster.

You could work on this issue, and submit a patch. I'm sure that would be

Arun Isaac.

Thanks for your time,

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