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bug#27311: Acknowledgement (Enlightenment: 'cpufreq binary needs suid or

From: ng0
Subject: bug#27311: Acknowledgement (Enlightenment: 'cpufreq binary needs suid or has to be owned by root')
Date: Sun, 11 Jun 2017 17:25:11 +0000

ng0 transcribed 2.0K bytes:
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> It seems as if Nix has a solution to some of the problems I encounter
> with Enlightenment. I'll try and fix most of the bugs I reported.

Nix solved this particular issue (cpufreq) with a hack.
It's okay for me, but do some of you agree with applying this:

  # this is a hack and without this cpufreq module is not working. does the 
  #   1. moves the "freqset" binary to "e_freqset",
  #   2. linkes "e_freqset" to enlightenment/bin so that,
  #   3. wrappers.setuid detects it and places wrappers in 
  #   4. and finally, links /run/wrappers/bin/e_freqset to original destination 
where enlightenment wants it
  postInstall = ''
    export CPUFREQ_DIRPATH=`readlink -f 
    mv $CPUFREQ_DIRPATH/freqset $CPUFREQ_DIRPATH/e_freqset
    ln -sv $CPUFREQ_DIRPATH/e_freqset $out/bin/e_freqset
    ln -sv /run/wrappers/bin/e_freqset $CPUFREQ_DIRPATH/freqset


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