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bug#27820: guix package -u: order of argument is significant

From: Ricardo Wurmus
Subject: bug#27820: guix package -u: order of argument is significant
Date: Wed, 26 Jul 2017 11:03:29 +0200
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Hartmut Goebel <address@hidden> writes:

> Am 25.07.2017 um 21:40 schrieb Mark H Weaver:
>> That's because "--fallback" was treated as the argument to -u, i.e. the
>> regexp specifying which packages to upgrade.  The few compiled packages
>> were needed to run the profile hooks.
> I'm astound about this. Python's argparse library is handling this as
> the user expects: […]

> Isn't there a elaborated scheme/guile argparse library we can you? This
> would/shouls/could also solve the issue that in guix we can not shortcut
> options.

This is not a technical problem.  It behaves as intended; the question
is just whether the intention really makes sense.

What do you mean by “shortcut options”?


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