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bug#27862: tor-hidden-service should support IPv6

From: ng0
Subject: bug#27862: tor-hidden-service should support IPv6
Date: Sun, 30 Jul 2017 09:09:31 +0000

ng0 transcribed 1.3K bytes:
> Right now the tor-hidden-service only supports IPv4 naming scheme,
> while it is possible to define IPv6 for tor aswell.
> Someone should fix this.

man tor:

   The following options are used to configure a hidden service.


   HiddenServicePort VIRTPORT [TARGET]
     Configure a virtual port VIRTPORT for a hidden service. You may use this 
option multiple times; each
     time applies to the service using the most recent HiddenServiceDir. By 
default, this option maps the
     virtual port to the same port on over TCP. You may override the 
target port, address, or
     both by specifying a target of addr, port, addr:port, or unix:path. (You 
can specify an IPv6 target as
     [addr]:port. Unix paths may be quoted, and may use standard C escapes.) 
You may also have multiple
     lines with the same VIRTPORT: when a user connects to that VIRTPORT, one 
of the TARGETs from those
     lines will be chosen at random.

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