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bug#28727: Profiles with intentionally out of date packages are upgraded

From: Alex Kost
Subject: bug#28727: Profiles with intentionally out of date packages are upgraded to the newest version
Date: Sat, 07 Oct 2017 22:32:29 +0300
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Ben Woodcroft (2017-10-07 16:14 +1000) wrote:

> Hi,


> I have a profile with address@hidden in it, and running 'guix package -u'
> updates it to address@hidden, which isn't what I want. I cannot run 'guix
> package -i address@hidden -u' because then it tries to install both 
> address@hidden
> and address@hidden, which conflicts.
> I can workaround this using 'guix package -u; guix package -i
> address@hidden'. That isn't ideal (wasteful downloading of substitute, extra
> entries in the generations list, etc), but is workable for me, making
> this a low priority bug for me.
> Ideally, I would expect that because I specified address@hidden first, guix
> should not try to install address@hidden However, this difficult because IIUC
> the packages which were specified to be included are not stored
> anywhere, and I suppose it would entail changes to the manifest format
> also. So, how to handle this?

Not sure if you find the following workaround useful, but you may just
make your own python package and install it instead:

(define-public my-python-2
    (inherit python-2)
    (name "python2")))

Since this "python2" has only version 2, it will never be upgraded to
version 3.  I mean there will be "address@hidden" but not "address@hidden", so 
you install it ("guix package -i python2"), "guix package -u" will
update it to the current version of the python-2 series.


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