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bug#29596: [wishlist] On Guix package list, use 'file-name's of patches

From: Mark H Weaver
Subject: bug#29596: [wishlist] On Guix package list, use 'file-name's of patches
Date: Wed, 06 Dec 2017 22:30:02 -0500

On <https://www.gnu.org/software/guix/packages/I/> the list of patches
for IceCat currently looks like this:

  Patches: snippet, icecat-avoid-bundled-libraries.patch, d13e3fefb76e,
  f822bda79c28, fbb0bdb191d5, fbddb5cdd3c7, 76c25987a275, 32eec29a85a5,
  ecef71fa933f, 68a444daf85b, eeeec9cafc4e, d68fa12fbffc, c24e6fc9f689,
  ae110cf77596, b8417112486d, badbf4308211, d78675515c78, f01155fe4d54,
  4eec2a60622c, 9556e792f905, bd284765b5bc, 113da8d46aa4, 58a574502ca9,
  24db61862c54, 1a02f11c6efe, 002686d9536f, eaadb31758d8, 0cff5e66e0f4,
  6ff3c82962f0, d6f78b1349b7, 285cde398833, 98b3988592a6, 47590f0c274b,
  55b435cbbb55, 8549cf2dab3e, 349acf56ff49, 3af5bf8bdea0, 592df6088926,
  77a2d4610275, 2b30335d0b95, d6f008f95598, ab9b51cd75ac, 971d6345bc3a,
  60df7db06669, df49c25e6e4c, 3b899f872623, 3d6d558ae6a6, 8426754b7130,
  5ddd5d2aa769, dd068f4e132a, e6bd533b57e9, 2a87fb6b9c07, 5007f2472f64,
  04e3b5c1f0b2, 2f48c03d9b3f, a352bfcbaf55, 57f43e2ab9b5, 917d65bb8896,
  28934912eede, icecat-bug-1348660-pt5.patch, 556ff3bfb9fc,
  2abf26abb2a2, 8335e1d7b140, de336078d36b, 088577f0c46e, c7e3abf74023,
  36bd15d14c5a, 2909ba991f31, icecat-bug-1415133.patch, cf34a0574e58.

Most of these patches are origins with a descriptive 'file-name' field.
In many cases, those fields show the associated CVE.  It would be much
better to show those 'file-name' fields here instead of the basenames of
the URLs, which are obviously quite inscrutable.


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