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bug#29655: Elixir build has an undeterministic build error

From: nee
Subject: bug#29655: Elixir build has an undeterministic build error
Date: Mon, 11 Dec 2017 01:31:13 +0100
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Hello, this has already mentioned in another bug report

The built of Elixir sometimes fails while compiling
'lib/elixir/lib/system.ex' with the error message:

> ** (exit) :epipe

See appended build log. I found the only other mention of the error on
the guix mailing list when elixir was first added:


It was suspected to be related to high memory usage / getting into swap.
I ran the build on two computers with 6GB and 16GB ram and still got it
on both, so I don't think it's ram related.

* What it might be:
One single time I got a different error message for the same file which
mentioned git (see detailed error attachment).
The file lib/elixir/lib/system.ex has a macro that calls git. Also this
bug seems to appear nowhere outside of guix, so it might be related.

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