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bug#30189: Retux game halts after preloading levels (missing ucd.sqlite

From: Ben Sturmfels
Subject: bug#30189: Retux game halts after preloading levels (missing ucd.sqlite uniseg database)
Date: Sun, 21 Jan 2018 18:56:05 +1100
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Thanks Gábor, adding zipfile fixes the build and Retux now runs.

Patch attached and CC'd to guix-patches.


On Sun, 21 Jan 2018, Gábor Boskovits wrote:

> I think unzip should be added to native-inputs. Can you try that?
> 2018-01-21 4:46 GMT+01:00 Ben Sturmfels <address@hidden>:
>  Hi Folks,
>  I'd like to play the Retux game, but while the game starts up it
>  crashes
>  on me after the "preloading levels" screen.
>  There's no useful console output, but when running in the debugger, I
>  see that the python-uniseg package is looking for a file called
>  ucd.sqlite3 that doesn't exist, some kind of Unicode letter spacing
>  database that's not present in the BitBucket repository.
>  python3 -m pdb -c continue \
>  "/gnu/store/57psnlgdyri8phkxzasaf6q0gb8nskpz-retux-1.3.5/bin/.retux-real"
>  See uniseg/db.py:107 and 21. Since it's also looking in the current
>  directory, I tried downloading ucd.sqlite3 from the PyPI zip package -
>  that fixes the issue.
>  The python-uniseg package downloads the source from BitBucket, so
>  I
>  tried changing that to PyPI:
>  (uri (pypi-uri "uniseg" version ".zip"))
>  which downloads ok, but fails but the fails at the unpack phase
>  without
>  any details. Should Guix know how to unpack a .zip? Or maybe I
>  should
>  coerce the maintainer to publish a .tar.gz?
>  Currently Retux is the only program that uses python-uniseg (via
>  python-sge-pygame dependency).
>  Regards,
>  Ben

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