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bug#30123: claws-mail plugins not updated

From: Danny Milosavljevic
Subject: bug#30123: claws-mail plugins not updated
Date: Sun, 21 Jan 2018 12:59:37 +0100

> This is the end of my claswrc:
> [Plugins_GTK2]
> /gnu/store/5p5bs3na24af02hqpm9nmg817k9h97iz-claws-mail-3.16.0/lib/claws-mail/plugins/pgpcore.so
> /gnu/store/5p5bs3na24af02hqpm9nmg817k9h97iz-claws-mail-3.16.0/lib/claws-mail/plugins/pgpinline.so
> /gnu/store/5p5bs3na24af02hqpm9nmg817k9h97iz-claws-mail-3.16.0/lib/claws-mail/plugins/pgpmime.so

Please close claws-mail, make a backup of clawsrc and then remove the directory 
parts of these entries in clawsrc.

Then start claws-mail again and close it again.  Then check clawsrc.  The 
directory part should stay off.

Also, please open claws-mail, enter the menu Configuration -> Plugins and 
remove and add some plugin there.  Then close claws-mail.  Does it have a 
directory part in clawsrc now?

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