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bug#30265: Fish shell has wrong path variables

From: Meiyo Peng
Subject: bug#30265: Fish shell has wrong path variables
Date: Sat, 27 Jan 2018 22:13:16 +0800

ng0 wrote:
> Can you explain a bit more about your setup? I assume you use
> fish as you user shell and not just as a shell you switch into
> from a Bash enabled user, correct?

My GuixSD is a fresh setup. I did no customization to fish and did not
set fish as login shell.

The bug I reported is reproducible. I tried it in a virtual machine
several times.
1. Install GuixSD 0.14 with fish
2. guix pull
3. Upgrade all packages
4. guix gc
5. Start a fish shell, and the bug I reported occur

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