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bug#30706: Nginx service fails

From: Ludovic Courtès
Subject: bug#30706: Nginx service fails
Date: Sat, 10 Mar 2018 16:30:15 +0100
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Danny Milosavljevic <address@hidden> skribis:

>> If you run this on an “old” GuixSD, ‘find-long-options’ is undefined.
> How can it be that (gnu services base) with find-long-options call is present
> but the (gnu build linux-boot)'s find-long options isn't present?

The service-upgrade code loads new service definitions in PID 1.
However, it does not force a reload of already-loaded modules.

What happens here is that (gnu build linux-boot), the one without
‘find-long-options’, is already available in PID 1.  Thus, when end up
using that one, which lacks ‘find-long-options’.

We could call ‘reload-module’, but that’s probably not a great idea as
it could cause breakage in previously-loaded code in PID 1.  So I think
the current approach is the safest, and breakage of this sort should be
quite rare; we should pay attention to such issues, though, and try hard
to avoid them.

(Note that there’s no problem once you reboot, of course.)

>>   1. ‘guix system reconfigure’ should probably register services one by
>>      one so that if one of the service expressions is erroneous, we
>>      don’t bork everything.  See ‘upgrade-shepherd-services’.
> Yes please.
>>   2. IWBN to delay execution of this whole default-tty thing to the
>>      #:start method.  Ideas, Danny?
> The idea was that if you specify a serial console at boot that you can
> actually log in at that console.
> So it's trying to find out whether, at the time of service start,
> there is a serial console specified (in the Linux command line), and if
> so, start an agetty.  Otherwise do not start that agetty.
> We could also do that without a guix service - but I thought it would be
> nice to have a guix service for it as well.

I agree.  I think what you did in
c32e3ddedd103318ca3f0a4bf0c91c91e2517806 is good.  The effect here is
just that agetty would fail to start upon reconfigure, but that’s an
acceptable limitation IMO.


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