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bug#30768: Gettext : test-copy-file-1.sh fail if --with-store-dir=/var/t

From: Ludovic Courtès
Subject: bug#30768: Gettext : test-copy-file-1.sh fail if --with-store-dir=/var/tmp/xxxxx/gnu/store
Date: Mon, 12 Mar 2018 22:08:48 +0100
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Hi Yoann,

YOANN P <address@hidden> skribis:

>> We won’t apply this patch because in general there’s no reason for build
>> processes to require /var/tmp (we’ve never encountered that.)
> There's always a first time. Since i didn't encounter this behavior with 
> other 
> custom directories than i've tested, looking at the code of the test who 
> failed,
> i suppose than the store dir is mounted inside the build chroot as itself and 
> is 
> the reason why "/var/tmp" exist during the build with a store dir starting by 
> "/var/tmp".
> Despite the fact that generally there’s no reason for build processes to 
> require 
> /var/tmp, is there any risk to add it to the chroot dirs ? If yes (or didn't 
> want to 
> add it), maybe a warning about the fact than we should never use a directory 
> inside "/var/tmp" as store should maybe be add (it will had saving me many 
> hours banging my head) because i've never read somewhere that there was 
> some forbidden directories to use as store and it seems there is some 
> regarding the bug i encounter.

In general we’re very cautious about changing what goes into the build
environment.  The daemon provides isolated build environments, and
things will behave differently if we start adding/removing directories
or files; even simple changes like this can easily hinder

>> That said, are you sure you want to use
>> --with-store-dir=/var/tmp/xxxxx/gnu/store?
> Yeah, i'm pretty sure i did want to use this kind of path even if it sounds 
> weird or the reasons are not good. The purpose of my tests was to 
> configure the store with a symlink /var/tmp/guix-[short-hash] who is 
> pointing to a directory where i have the rights. This way, i could use 
> my environment with user X on server A or user Y on server B only by 
> adapting my symlink.
> This way, i could achieve a unprivileged portable environment because 
> /var/tmp seems present and writable on all major distribution, plus it 
> seems to work even if /var/tmp is mount with noexec.

OK, I see.  That’s a worthy goal and a neat hack (I don’t think it’s
been tried before.)

>> You probably got a ‘configure’ warning already that certain things may
>> not work, for instance that the shebang max length may be exceeded.
> Regarding the warning , i just checked my ./configure log, and there is 
> no warning about the limit length for the store path due to the limit of 
> shebang length, only a warning regarding the substitutes.
> Even if i was aware of it after reading Pjotrp notes, i've never found a 
> clear limit after my readings on the web. If Guix Team has an idea of 
> the store path limit lenght, it could be a great idea to add it to the docs 
> or did i missed it ?

>From m4/guix.m4:

--8<---------------cut here---------------start------------->8---
dnl 'BINPRM_BUF_SIZE' constant in Linux (we leave room for the trailing zero.)
dnl The Hurd has a limit of about a page (see exec/hashexec.c.)
m4_define([LINUX_HASH_BANG_LIMIT], 127)

dnl Hardcoded 'sun_path' length in <sys/un.h>.
m4_define([SOCKET_FILE_NAME_LIMIT], 108)
--8<---------------cut here---------------end--------------->8---

>> Also using a store other than /gnu/store means you won’t be able to use
>> substitutes, nor to compare build results with other machines.
> I'm pretty aware of that, but having a portable environment who could be 
> used even under unprivileged user without the needing of "proot" / 
> "usernamespace" come with some trade offs and is just a proof of concept 
> even if it is require to build all packages from scratch.


Are you in a situation where user namespaces are unavailable?  HPC?


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