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bug#32180: French manual installed unexpectedly

From: Chris Marusich
Subject: bug#32180: French manual installed unexpectedly
Date: Mon, 16 Jul 2018 19:57:54 -0700
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Hi Guix,

I recently upgraded two different GuixSD systems by running "guix pull"
to get the latest and greatest.  In both cases, when I invoke "info
guix" after the upgrade, it brings me to the French manual:

    GNU Guix

    Cette documentation décrit GNU Guix version, un outils
    de gestion de paquets fonctionnel écrit pour le système GNU.

Additionally, it seems that I can open different manuals with different

* "info '(guix)'": Displays the English manual.
* "info '(guix.fr)'": Displays the French manual.
* "info": Displays the top directory node, which contains entries for
  both the English and the French manual side by side.

My locale is en_US.utf8 (I set this in my operating system declaration).
This is surprising to me.  I expected only one localization of the
manual to be installed, and in my case, I expected it to be English.

On the other hand, I suppose I could always just learn French!  ;-)


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