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bug#30602: guix pull failures at and after 0458ab53f6ab58c42f379b8e7d55d

From: Ludovic Courtès
Subject: bug#30602: guix pull failures at and after 0458ab53f6ab58c42f379b8e7d55d130df4232e3
Date: Sun, 29 Jul 2018 17:26:03 +0200
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Alex ter Weele <address@hidden> skribis:

>     $ bzcat $(guix build --log-file 
> /gnu/store/ciawm53ygcvs7gfpb54wpzb4kkgnag9i-guix-latest.drv)
>     copying and compiling to 
> '/gnu/store/r82flrikwwd6ir0qlbc8ssm1n1m2z9dw-guix-latest' with Guile 2.2.3...
>     loading...         25.9% of 667 filesrandom seed for tests: 1519531629
>     compiling...      100.0% of 667 files
>     Backtrace:
>     Exception thrown while printing backtrace:
>     In procedure public-lookup: Module named (system repl debug) does not 
> exist

With Guile 2.2.4, which includes several thread-safety fixes in the
module system and VM, and which ‘guix pull’ uses since commit
084f64cb032b6ab4ce326b088d230bd1ead53ee2, the problem appears to be



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