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bug#32942: nss-certs not deterministic

From: Julien Lepiller
Subject: bug#32942: nss-certs not deterministic
Date: Fri, 05 Oct 2018 10:17:45 +0200
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While updating a profile, I found that nss-certs was not deterministic. From ludo:

$ wget -O - -q https://mirror.hydra.gnu.org/mbs5mavs3gi4y7xkywcwwjj9g3p1yjmv.narinfo | grep Hash
NarHash: sha256:101v69xp1qzw9v6pgmbhw7gfdaic8vvs4v5l567lx7f2mjp25rla
$ wget -O - -q https://berlin.guixsd.org/mbs5mavs3gi4y7xkywcwwjj9g3p1yjmv.narinfo | grep Hash
NarHash: sha256:08ziz714diyfq2klxy1nc0nhr5wa2vd356n9vizlq913a7an9a9s

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