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bug#33647: First `guix pull' behaves unexpectedly

From: Ludovic Courtès
Subject: bug#33647: First `guix pull' behaves unexpectedly
Date: Fri, 07 Dec 2018 00:06:01 +0100
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Ricardo Wurmus <address@hidden> skribis:

>> Hello Guix,
>> The first time a user runs ‘guix pull’ after a fresh install it does not
>> seem to update guix.  ‘guix --version’ reports that guix is still
>> version 0.15.0 after running ‘guix pull’, instead of showing the hash of
>> the latest commit.
> “guix pull” should have reminded you to add ~/.config/guix/current/bin
> to the front of your PATH environment variable.  When you do that you
> will be using the new version of Guix.

In addition, be aware that Bash maintains a cache of commands it looked
up in $PATH.  Thus it may be that, say, it had cached that ‘guix’ is
really /run/current-system/profile/bin/guix.  When you pulled, it didn’t
invalidate its cache thus you kept using that old version.

The solution is to run “hash guix” at the Bash prompt to force cache
invalidation (info "(bash) Bourne Shell Builtins").



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