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bug#33683: sorcer fails to build

From: Thorsten Wilms
Subject: bug#33683: sorcer fails to build
Date: Sun, 9 Dec 2018 13:35:01 +0100
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On 09/12/2018 12.08, Ricardo Wurmus wrote:

This is an upstream problem that i’ve reported upstream:


We cannot build the sources with either of the Faust releases, so
there’s little we can do on our end.

The sorcer Faust code looks *very* simple, though, so it may not be too
difficult to write the DSP code in Faust 2 and submit it upstream.

OK, thanks. Good that you brought it upstream, but a bit unfortunate that there wasn't an issue in debbugs.

Is there a policy regarding known unbuildable packages? Perhaps there could be a mechanism that would spare users from attempting to have the un-buildable build, which may involve stopping a `guix package -u` or a `guix package -m manifest-file` in its tracks ...

Thorsten Wilms

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