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bug#33755: error: execlp: No such file or directory from guix environmen

From: Timothy Sample
Subject: bug#33755: error: execlp: No such file or directory from guix environment
Date: Sat, 15 Dec 2018 13:18:32 -0500
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Julien Lepiller <address@hidden> writes:

> Hi, this is because we have a -- option. "guix environment guix --
> ad-hoc libgit2" means you want to run "ad-hoc libgit2" in a guix
> environment. The error message tells you that it can't find an ad-hoc
> executable in that environment. There is no "ad-hoc" package involved
> here…

This is true, but I would argue that the error message is not quite as
clear as you say.  Specifically, it does not mention “ad-hoc” at all.
I’ve attached a patch that so that the command

    $ guix environment guix -- ad-hoc


    guix environment: error: ad-hoc: command not found

and exits with status 127.  (In imitation of “bash -c 'ad-hoc'”.)


> Le 15 décembre 2018 08:09:37 GMT+01:00, address@hidden a écrit :
>>Is this a bug?
>>address@hidden ~/src/guix$ guix environment guix -- ad-hoc libgit2
>>guix environment: error: execlp: No such file or directory
>>I meant to type: 
>>address@hidden ~/src/guix$ guix environment guix --ad-hoc libgit2 texinfo
>>I would have liked an error saying "error: package ad-hoc not found -
>>cannot add it to the environment"

-- Tim

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