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bug#33772: StumpWM broken commands?

From: Pierre Langlois
Subject: bug#33772: StumpWM broken commands?
Date: Tue, 18 Dec 2018 21:29:09 +0000
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Alex Kost writes:

> Pierre Langlois (2018-12-18 17:34 +0000) wrote:
>> Hello!
>> Christopher Lemmer Webber writes:
>>> Ludovic Courtès writes:
>>>> Hi,
>>>> Christopher Lemmer Webber <address@hidden> skribis:
>>>>> It seems to me that StumpWM broke somehow, for some reason.  I can
>>>>> confirm there was a version change:
>>>>> address@hidden:out        
>>>>> /gnu/store/i0picr2xr2aq2a52nsaw67nvar1r3khw-sbcl-stumpwm-18.05
>>>>> address@hidden:out        
>>>>> /gnu/store/6h2iln76dx8pxdp1hsaqb1yncm8viczj-sbcl-stumpwm-18.11
>>>>> I am not sure if this is the cause or something else.  At any rate, when
>>>>> I try to run commands such as "gnew" (the command to make a new
>>>>> group/workstation) I get back:
>>>>>   Error In Command 'gnew': invalid number of arguments: 2
>>>>> I though I'd try running the command manually and check the error, but
>>>>> this also happens with eval!  Some other commands are not affected.
>>>>> (I can try re-enabling the live REPL in StumpWM to play around with it,
>>>>> but I currently have it off because they have the same live hacking
>>>>> vulnerability in SBCL/SLIME that we had in Guile/Geiser some time ago.)
>>>> Pierre, does that ring a bell?
>>>> Others on the mailing list reported being happy with the upgrade, but
>>>> maybe they use different bits of StumpWM.
>> Ah yes, I can reproduce this :-/. Both in GuixSD and with Guix on top of
>> ArchLinux.  The 'gnew' command does work if you pass it the name of the
>> new group as an argument, that's why I didn't notice this.  It should
>> interactively ask for a name if you don't pass one so that's still a
>> regression.
>> Maybe that's a bug upstream? It would be good to try StumpWM 18.11 on
>> another distribution to see if this is specific to Guix. I cannot
>> install it on ArchLinux though at the moment.
> I use StumpWM from git checkout (not from Guix) and I don't reproduce
> this problem.  When I run "gnew", it asks me for a group name and
> creates a new group without any problem.
> I have built stumpwm from the latest commit (which is one commit after
> 18.11 release) and tried it on GuixSD and on ArchLinux.  Works for me
> on both systems, so it's probably not an upstream bug.

Hi Alex,

I was investigating just now and thought I'd try that one commit that
was pushed after the release. The description doesn't sound like it
would fix the problem but it was easy to try that.  But it looks like it
does fix the problem!

Can you confirm the attached patch works for you?

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