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bug#33639: ISO installer image is broken on i686

From: Thomas Schmitt
Subject: bug#33639: ISO installer image is broken on i686
Date: Thu, 20 Dec 2018 14:38:42 +0100


aside from my problems with the building and testing after "guix pull"
i also stand puzzled in front of the 8 files named "/gnu/.../build/vm.scm"
which all start grub-mkrescue.

If i'd succeed in reproducing the ISO image file truncation:
Which vm.scm file would i have to modify in order to report the size of
the freshly emerged ISO image in the filesystem of the upper VM ?
(I would suspect that this size is still untruncated and that the file
 in the underlying VM's filesystem is then truncated.)

And how to say "ls -l $target" in Guile ?

Have a nice day :)


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