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bug#34181: guile-hall: no code for module (config)

From: Jack Hill
Subject: bug#34181: guile-hall: no code for module (config)
Date: Mon, 28 Jan 2019 20:00:40 -0500 (EST)
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On Fri, 25 Jan 2019, Alex Sassmannshausen wrote:

OK, I did some research.  The issue is as follows:
- Virtually all guile packages declare guile an input, but not a
 propgated input.  This seems to make Guile available in the
 environment, but without the Guile environment paths defined.
- Guile-DBI on the other hand seems to declare guile a propagated
 input.  This causes the environment paths to be set.
- Similarly, when you install in your profile:
 + installing guile too will encourage you to set up the environment
 + installing only the library will not.
 + installing only guile will not do this either (see the example in
   the manual, at
- When you install, either in environment, or in profile, both guile and
 a guile-library, the env variables are set/reported correctly.

This looks like it is intended behaviour.

Please test and let me know if this resolves the issue for you!

I am happy to confirm that in an environment with both guile and guile-hall, the hall command works as expected (regardless of the setting of the correct paths using hall without guile is silly since it is a tool to aid in the development of guile projects ☺).

However, I think that Ricardo might be right, and the hall cli should wrap these paths, since hall is an executable and not only a guile library.


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