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bug#36464: gstreamer test timing out

From: Steffen Rytter Postas
Subject: bug#36464: gstreamer test timing out
Date: Mon, 1 Jul 2019 22:55:16 +0200
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I've been having a few issues with the Jupyter package. First and
foremost, this is my first time trying it out with Guix. Previously I
have had it running using Docker, but I prefer the modularity and
programmability of Guix, not to mention the rest of the amazing concepts
it brings.

However, nothing is perfect, and as we'll see here, that is indeed true.
Let it ne known that I've tested this on my desktop, my work laptop, and
my netbook, and only my netbook exhibits any issues.

Both environments use the same command to execute, and are using `guix
environment` to start the Jupyter notebook system:

`LC_ALL=C guix environment -C -N --pure -m env.scm -- jupyter-notebook`

The `env.scm` file used, is as follows:

(define-packages '(
(use-modules (gnu packages))
(packages->manifest (map specification->package packages))

When attempting the above, the package "gstreamer" is attempted built
(which is fine, when no substitutes are available, this is the intended
behaviour of course), and takes quite a while (this is a dual core
800Mhz netbook from 2012. Not very impressive).

Upon finishing the build, the gstreamer package is tested, and it has a
single failure, which is the following:

gst/gstelement.c:844:E:element tests:test_foreach_pad:0: (after this
point) Test timeout expired
Check suite gst_element ran in 30.164s (tests failed: 1)
FAIL gst/gstelement (exit status: 1)

As this appears to be a timeout, I am unable to reproduce this on my
faster systems.


Steffen Rytter Postas

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