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bug#36723: [core-updates] Error building module-import-compiled

From: Timothy Sample
Subject: bug#36723: [core-updates] Error building module-import-compiled
Date: Thu, 18 Jul 2019 13:59:44 -0400
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Whenever I try to build the following (i.e., using “guix build -f”)

    (use-modules (guix gexp)
                 (guix modules))

     (with-imported-modules (source-module-closure
                             '((gnu build file-systems)))
       #~(values #t)))

it says:

[ 1/14] Loading './gnu/build/file-systems.scm'...
[ 2/14] Loading './gnu/system/file-systems.scm'...
[ 3/14] Loading './gnu/system/uuid.scm'...
[ 4/14] Loading './guix/build/bournish.scm'...
[ 5/14] Loading './guix/build/syscalls.scm'...
          11 (primitive-load "/gnu/store/qz6d59zqvdd5pj9hprk7sfjkpy3?")
In ice-9/eval.scm:
    619:8 10 (_ #f)
In srfi/srfi-1.scm:
   466:18  9 (fold #<procedure 7ffff5d2d520 at ice-9/eval.scm:336:1?> ?)
   466:18  8 (fold #<procedure 7ffff54bc2c0 at ice-9/eval.scm:336:1?> ?)
   466:18  7 (fold #<procedure 7ffff54c3dc0 at ice-9/eval.scm:336:1?> ?)
In ice-9/eval.scm:
    619:8  6 (_ #(#(#<directory (guix build utils) 7ffff6f53500>) # ?))
In ice-9/boot-9.scm:
   2312:4  5 (save-module-excursion _)
In unknown file:
           4 (primitive-load "./guix/build/syscalls.scm")
In ice-9/eval.scm:
    619:8  3 (_ #f)
In ice-9/boot-9.scm:
  2071:24  2 (call-with-deferred-observers #<procedure 7ffff50e4700 ?>)
   260:13  1 (for-each #<procedure 7ffff50e4480 at ice-9/boot-9.scm?> ?)
In unknown file:
           0 (scm-error misc-error #f "~A ~S" ("re-exporting loc?" ?) ?)

ERROR: In procedure scm-error:
re-exporting local variable: AT_SYMLINK_NOFOLLOW
builder for 
`/gnu/store/2gmxyxpfs0a2j6pcn9xagam6hczlvihb-module-import-compiled.drv' failed 
with exit code 1

Importing “(guix build syscalls)” by itself using
“with-imported-modules” works fine.

This is needed when building the Shepherd service for mounting file
systems, so it prevents me from building any systems on core-updates
(for example, building a VM or reconfiguring).  I did try (just to be
sure) running “make clean-go” and then recompiling, but it didn’t help.

-- Tim

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