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bug#36942: Reconfigure broke GRUB

From: ison
Subject: bug#36942: Reconfigure broke GRUB
Date: Thu, 15 Aug 2019 05:20:40 -0600
User-agent: NeoMutt/20180716

On Wed, Aug 14, 2019 at 03:50:00PM -0400, Jakob L. Kreuze wrote:
> However, I still cannot seem to reproduce this issue with the most
> recent master. Everything boots fine. I've extracted the bootloader
> installation "script", and everything appears to be normal to me.

Sorry it took me so long to reply, I didn't have access to the
broken machine until now. As you requested here is the partitions as
listed by parted:

Number  Start   End     Size    File system     Name    Flags
 1      1049kB  3046kB  2097kB                  grub    bios_grub
 2      3146kB  540MB   537MB   fat32           efi     boot, esp
 3      540MB   2588MB  2048MB  linux-swap(v1)  swap
 4      2588MB  750GB   748GB   ext4            guixsd

/boot/efi looks ok as far as I can tell at least. It's tree is:
└── EFI
    ├── grub
    │   └── grubx64.efi
    ├── Guix
    │   └── grubx64.efi
    └── GuixSD
        └── grubx64.efi
All 3 grubx64.efi files differ from each other and are around 120kb.

But considering you can't reproduce the issue would it be a good
idea for me to reinstall and see if I can even reproduce it?
Although I think this time I would leave off the bios_grub partition
I'm willing to keep testing the current bug if it's important or
indicative of a more serious problem. But please don't feel
obligated to keep working on this just for me, I'm perfectly fine
just reinstalling. The issue doesn't seem to affect my desktop
anyway, I was able to upgrade it smoothly.

It's always possible the issue was caused by some strange
combination involving the patched bug, from earlier in the
discussion, and my weird partition layout. Might not even be worth
investigating unless it happens to someone else
(or me again after a fresh install).

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