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bug#36944: Xfce Panel shortcuts after updates might not work

From: Oleg Pyhalov
Subject: bug#36944: Xfce Panel shortcuts after updates might not work
Date: Sun, 18 Aug 2019 13:12:28 +0300
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address@hidden writes:

> Hello! Sometimes, when Icecat or Pcmanfm-qt update, I am not able to
> run them from shortcuts I've add to panel as Items (right mouse click
> - Panel - Add new Item).
> This is because applications addresses were changed after update
> (because guix adds hash to application folder).
> This makes me need to delete shortcut and add again.
> Xfce is not in account in this. Xfce does not use
> /home/user/.giux-profile/bin folder for those shortcuts. Xfce uses
> /gnu/store/hashhashahsh-icecat-60.1/bin/icecat instead. And this is my
> trouble.
> Do you think we can solve this?

What do you mean by “Xfce does not use /home/user/.giux-profile/bin
folder for those shortcuts”?  If you create a shortcut manually then you
could specify your Guix profile's directory, don't you?

I cannot reproduce the issue (I didn't update packages because of
virtual machine though).  Could you attach a screenshot with a window
where you specify Icecat or Pcmanfm-qt binary location, please?


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