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bug#36747: Official MesCC bootstrap binaries differ from my locally buil

From: Mark H Weaver
Subject: bug#36747: Official MesCC bootstrap binaries differ from my locally built ones
Date: Wed, 21 Aug 2019 18:57:25 -0400
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Hi Ludovic,

Ludovic Courtès <address@hidden> writes:

> Mark H Weaver <address@hidden> skribis:
>> You can reproduce them with the following command from a git checkout at
>> commit 9e6256ba0f32ab12d61c914a3fed879dac881762, which is the tip of the
>> 'wip-binaries' branch, based on recent 'master':
>>   ./pre-inst-env guix build --system=i686-linux bootstrap-tarballs
>> mhw@jojen ~/guix-wip-binaries$ git describe
>> v1.0.1-2479-g9e6256ba0f
>> mhw@jojen ~/guix-wip-binaries$ ./pre-inst-env guix build --system=i686-linux 
>> bootstrap-tarballs
>> /gnu/store/rdwyr8mh7dvhfkb5g4cws6q40hp23rbi-bootstrap-tarballs-0
>> mhw@jojen ~/guix-wip-binaries$ cd 
>> /gnu/store/rdwyr8mh7dvhfkb5g4cws6q40hp23rbi-bootstrap-tarballs-0
>> mhw@jojen /gnu/store/rdwyr8mh7dvhfkb5g4cws6q40hp23rbi-bootstrap-tarballs-0$ 
>> sha256sum *
>> 3e50c070a100b6bcf84c4bf5c868f9cd0a9fd1570f5d82fbfb78f8411959091b  
>> guile-static-stripped-2.2.4-i686-linux.tar.xz
>> 1acd8f83e27d2fac311a5ca78e9bf11a9a1638b82469870d5c854c4e7afaa26a  
>> linux-libre-headers-stripped-4.14.67-i686-linux.tar.xz
>> 021543d9bb6af55f39e68d69692e3cb74646ced2cad0bb9ac0047ef81e9d7330  
>> mescc-tools-static-stripped-0.5.2-i686-linux.tar.xz
>> fb32090071b39fc804fb9a7fba96f0bc5eb844a0efd268fb24c42e6bfa959de0  
>> mes-minimal-stripped-0.19-i686-linux.tar.xz
>> c80cdd17b0a24eebdd75570ff72c4ec06e129bd702ac008186b57f6301c448e7  
>> static-binaries-0-i686-linux.tar.xz
>> Do you get the same results?
> I built it on bayfront and got the exact same result:

I'm glad to hear it!  Marius and Janneke got these exact results as
well, albeit at a different commit which should be equivalent.

> (I’m actually surprised Guile is 100% reproducible; ISTR there were
> still issues with gensyms in .go files, but maybe I’m wrong.)

It's apparently not reproducible unless built sequentially.  I did some
preliminary investigation, and my guess is that the gensyms produced by
Guile's compiler sometimes depends on whether dependent modules were
previously compiled or not.

> So, green light, right?


>> To match what 'core-updates-next' expects, it would be good to upload
>> the files above, along with digital signatures, to the following new
>> directory:
>>   https://alpha.gnu.org/gnu/guix/bootstrap/i686-linux/20190815/
> Unless you disagree, I’ll upload these to ftp.gnu.org (not
> alpha.gnu.org, but same directory as you wrote) tomorrow.

That's fine, although I guess %bootstrap-base-urls will need to be
extended to include the new base URL.

    Thank you!

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