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bug#36753: The GUI installer throws an error

From: Jan
Subject: bug#36753: The GUI installer throws an error
Date: Fri, 23 Aug 2019 02:02:45 +0200

> That you were able to continue without networking looks like a bug.
> However, I just tried, and when networking is unavailable, I get the
> “Connection error” box that only allows me to go back to the “Checking
> connectivity” dialog; there’s no way to skip that AFAICS.

Okay, I now know what *probably* have happened. My proprietary
motherboard - MSI PC Mate B350 tricked me - after updating the firmware
and enabling the "UEFI mode" instead of "UEFI or legacy BIOS" I got a
higher resolution and network started to work normally. Before enabling
it, the GUI installer couldn't find network connection itself, so I had
to manually configure network connection by using ifconfig and dhclient,
then I just followed the GUI installer, and it somehow let me continue
with or without networking. 
Tried switching back to BIOS mode, but I can't reproduce the bug
anymore. None of this happens on my librebooted machine, tried hard to
break the installation :). Guess that's it, thanks for your time. I'm
probably going to sell this nonfree machine anyway.


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