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bug#37740: Deja-dup fails to build on c2734ff80987de8f0bb3e31d4339e5496a

From: goodoldpaul
Subject: bug#37740: Deja-dup fails to build on c2734ff80987de8f0bb3e31d4339e5496a9821d2
Date: Sun, 13 Oct 2019 23:05:38 +0000
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Deja-dup fails to build on c2734ff80987de8f0bb3e31d4339e5496a9821d2. I noticed this some "guix pull && guix package -u" ago so I'm not sure when it was introduced. The log indicates that the build process stops when trying to run "make -j 8 gtk_update_icon_cache=true". To reproduce just running

guix pull --commit=c2734ff80987de8f0bb3e31d4339e5496a9821d2 && guix build deja-dup

should do.

I attach the build log.

Thank you all for your effort both on the technical and human side of free software (in the last few days I felt like you should receive more thanks than you did).


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