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bug#37662: substitution failure of nss-certs

From: Ben Sturmfels
Subject: bug#37662: substitution failure of nss-certs
Date: Thu, 17 Oct 2019 16:07:37 +1100
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On 16/10/19 06:50, Arun Isaac wrote:
> Josh Holland <address@hidden> writes:
>> Ludovic Courtès <address@hidden> writes:
>>> I suppose the error here is because you’re daemon is missing its UTF-8
>>> locales.
>>> This could be because you upgraded the daemon but did not upgrade the
>>> ‘glibc-utf8-locales’ or ‘glibc-locales’ you installed as root, no?
>> It's possible - I rarely do anything with the root profile, and wasn't
>> even aware that I had to keep it up to date.  Should I have to `guix
>> pull` and `guix upgrade` it regularly, as well as my user profile?
> I install glibc-locales as a system-wide package in my operating-system
> configuration. Perhaps that's what Ludo meant to say.

Hi Ludo, is it best to install glibc-locales or glibc-utf8-locales in
the operating system configuration as Arun suggests?

I hit the same issue doing a reconfigure on Guix System after not having
these locales either in user, root or system profiles (though I'm unsure
whether root and system are the same thing).

I had been ignoring the recent hints "Consider installing the
`glibc-utf8-locales' or `glibc-locales'..." because it wasn't clear why
this was useful to do.

Should these locales just be installed by default on Guix System? Or
maybe this is one of those issues that I hit because I hadn't upgraded
within a certain window of changes.

(For other non Guix experts like myself, I fixed my system by `guix
pull` as root, followed by `guix package --install glibc-utf8-locales
glibc-locales`, restarted guix daemon with `herd stop guix-daemon`,
checked to see if it was really stopped with `ps aux | grep
guix-daemon`, it wasn't so used `kill [the-process-id]`, started with
`herd start guix-daemon` and then the reconfigure worked.)


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