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bug#39575: guix time-machine fails when a tarball was modified in-place

From: Bengt Richter
Subject: bug#39575: guix time-machine fails when a tarball was modified in-place
Date: Sun, 16 Feb 2020 00:57:16 +0100
User-agent: Mutt/1.10.1 (2018-07-13)

On +2020-02-15 21:01:36 +0100, Tobias Geerinckx-Rice via Bug reports for GNU 
Guix wrote:
> Jan, Simon,
> Janneke 写道:
> > https://snapshot.debian.org/archive/debian/20190406T212022Z/pool/main/h/harfbuzz/harfbuzz_2.4.0.orig.tar.bz2
> This is a wonderful resource!  Thank you, Janneke (and Debian)!
> zimoun 写道:
> > Cool!
> > But how do you determine the "date", i.e., this reference
> > '20190406T212022Z' ?
> You'd take the timestamp immediately preceding your desired (Guix) commit's
> date, or something like that.  The fact that git commit dates aren't linear
> shouldn't hurt here.
> > Could it be automated?
> Not without parsing HTML to get the valid timestamps:
> <https://snapshot.debian.org/archive/debian/?year=2020&month=2>.

You may not need to parse the html fully if the part you need is
isolatable into delimited scopes that you can successively narrow.

For example, I while back I wanted a command I could type to get
the url of the latest linux kernel at kernel.org:

stable-kernel.scm -h 
--8<---------------cut here---------------start------------->8---
Usage: stable-kernel-scm [ -h ]
       -h for this message
          (without args):
       go to https://www.kernel.org/ to wget page,
       extract URL of latest stable release tarball
       and write that URL to stdout.
--8<---------------cut here---------------end--------------->8---
(oops, I see I din't use $0 in the usage text -- should be .scm, not -scm)

I offer it below [1], with the thought that you could probably
modify (not to mention improve :-) it to get the timestamps you want.
Especially if you could get them to make the narrow context unique enough
that it's delimiters can delimit it in one shot.

The page at kernel.org is apparently stable enough that this still works,
but YMMV until the snapshot page is similarly stable. (You could ask
them to make it easy :)

> Also, this doesn't seem to be a supported service yet[0]:
>  “This is an implementation for a possible snapshot.debian.org  service.
>   It's not yet finished, it's more a prototype/proof of concept   to show
>   and learn what we want and can provide.  So far it seems to   actually
> work.”
> Still really cool,
> T G-R
> [0]: https://salsa.debian.org/snapshot-team/snapshot

HTH or is useful some way.
Bengt Richter

--8<---------------cut here---------------start------------->8---
exec guile -e main -s "$0" "$@"
;;;; stable-kernel.scm
;;;; goes to https://www.kernel.org/ to wget page, then
;;;; extracts name of latest stable release tarball to stdout

(define (usage)
  (format (current-error-port)
            "Usage: stable-kernel-scm [ -h ]"
            "       -h for this message"
            "          (without args):"
            "       go to https://www.kernel.org/ to wget page,"
            "       extract URL of latest stable release tarball"
            "       and write that URL to stdout."

(use-modules (ice-9 format))
(use-modules (ice-9 rdelim))
(use-modules (ice-9 popen))
(use-modules (ice-9 textual-ports))
(use-modules (ice-9 and-let-star))
(use-modules (ice-9 regex))

(define (extract-delimited str s-beg s-end)
   ((ix-beg (string-contains str s-beg))
    (ix-post-beg (+ ix-beg (string-length s-beg)))
    (ix-end   (string-contains str s-end ix-post-beg)))
   (substring str ix-post-beg  ix-end)))

(define kernel-url "https://www.kernel.org/";)

(define (get-kern-name)
  (let*((cmd-kern (string-append "wget -q -O - " kernel-url))
        (p-inp (open-input-pipe cmd-kern))
        (wgot-pinp-str (get-string-all p-inp))
         (extract-delimited wgot-pinp-str
                            "<table id=\"releases\">"
         (extract-delimited extracted-table-releases
         (extract-delimited extracted-stable-tarball-anchor
                            "<a href=\""

(define (main args)
    (set! args (cdr args)) ;; always dump callee arg
    (if (not (pair? args))
        (set! args '("-do-default") ))

    ;; simple opts...
     ((string-prefix? "-h" (car args))
      (begin (usage)
     ((string-prefix? "-do-default" (car args))
      (let ((kern-name (get-kern-name)))
        (display kern-name)(newline)))

        (format (current-error-port) "Error: bad opt: '~a'\n" (car args))
--8<---------------cut here---------------end--------------->8---

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