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bug#39677: Evolution's inbox widget is blank

From: raingloom
Subject: bug#39677: Evolution's inbox widget is blank
Date: Wed, 19 Feb 2020 15:20:49 +0100

I've been haunted by this for months, so it's high time I make a proper bug report.

I wiped all Evolution related directories I could find in .cache, .config, and .local, and reconfigured it from scratch, but that didn't help.

When I open Evolution it prompts me for my password and pulls my emails without a problem, even shows a notification for them, but it doesn't display anything.

It's not a font issue, because the scroll bar does not appear. There are no emails displayed at all. Double clicking on it should open a mail in a new window, but no window appears.

I tried it in a VM that's a slight modification of my system, that had no problems.
I also tried it in both i3wm and Gnome, but the results are identical.

All I see in the log is this:
(evolution:23706): GLib-GIO-WARNING **: 15:17:11.805: Your application did not unregister from D-Bus before destruction. Consider using g_application_run().

I can send an strace log if necessary. The one I took was a bit long and didn't reveal much, but someone might have better luck.

Any tips on where I should look?

I suspect that it either doesn't play nice with some other package or that there is some state corruption I couldn't track down.

For now I'll just use Geary for this account.

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