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bug#39660: openvpn-client-service does not support auth-user-pass

From: Julien Lepiller
Subject: bug#39660: openvpn-client-service does not support auth-user-pass
Date: Fri, 21 Feb 2020 12:27:11 -0500
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Le 21 février 2020 12:10:44 GMT-05:00, Joshua Branson via Bug reports for GNU 
Guix <address@hidden> a écrit :
>Julien and I discussed on irc that guix currently does not have a
>method of generating my config file.  Here is just an updated list of
>the options that I (and possibly others) may need or want.
>#+BEGIN_SRC org
>These are all the options that my config file has.  If the box does
>not have an X, then we should add this in the service definition.
>- [ ] "persist-key"
>- [ ] "persist-tun"
We already have both of them. Are they not documented? They should be 
persist-key? and persist-tun? respectively.

>- [ ] "remote-random"
>- [ ] "pull"
>- [X] "comp-lzo no"
>- [ ] "tls-client"  does tls-auth provide this option???
tls-auth and tls-client are different options. tls-client replaces the client 
directive we currently generate for all openvpn-client-configuration.

>- [ ] "verify-x509-name Server name-prefix"
>- [ ] "ns-cert-type server"  This is possibly deprecated?
>- [ ] "key-direction 1" This is another way of specifying tls-auth?
>- [X] "route-method exe" This is only useful on Windows.
>- [ ] "route-delay 2"
>- [X] "tun-mtu 1500" The documentation says most cases...I should
>  leave this to it's default parameter.  So unless needed, we probably
>  shouldn't need to add it to guix.
>- The next two options only make sense when we are using the protocol
>  udp.  We should probably specify them someway that you can only use
>  them if protocol is upd.  Something like:
>   #+BEGIN_SRC scheme
>   (proto udp
>     (upd-options
>       (fragment 1300)
>       (mssfix 1200))
>   #+END_SRC
>- [X] "fragment 1300"
>- [X] "mssfix 1200"
>- [ ] "cipher AES-256-CBC"
>- [X] keysize 256 deprecated.  Do not need. and my key size is the
>cipher size anyway.  The documentation does not reccommend manually
>changing your keysize.
>- [X] auth SHA512  I have no idea where this is in the documentation
>- [X] sndbuf 524288  The documentation says that the default should
>- [X] rcvbuf 524288  as above
>- [X] auth-user-pass login.conf
>We should also probably allow a file option.  Some users may have a
>working file.  Perhaps we should support this:
>#+BEGIN_SRC scheme
>  #:file  "/path/to/openvpn.conf")

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