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bug#39646: bug#39648: Reverse my commits on GNOME meta-package

From: Ludovic Courtès
Subject: bug#39646: bug#39648: Reverse my commits on GNOME meta-package
Date: Sat, 22 Feb 2020 18:08:28 +0100
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Hi Tobias & all!

Tobias Geerinckx-Rice <address@hidden> skribis:

> Raghav Gururajan 写道:
>> Could you please reverse my following commits:
>> 1) d36fa50fbf8169018193774782fd21f1b13b9c0e
>> 2) 7922b6f795eb575084546ec9bfb9d40508a9378e
>> 3) 8d8c6bffc528b60574f84620bd6c3ee9bfa1173f
>> 4) a8cda7f57992e9ce9ae4a694eba54e3eab42c39b
> Copy-pasted from #guix:
> Whoa there, that's drastic, let's put that on hold.
> The first two only add packages (did they break anything? what?), the
> third has no effect on packages if your commit message is accurate.
> The fourth is the only one that removes packages, and even that might
> be better tweaked (this time: with comments noting what each non-core
> package brings to the GNOME table) than flat-out reverted.
> What do you think?

I agree.  As a stop-gap measure, I propose to commit the following
change real soon.  I’ve tested it in a VM; it addresses the points Andy
raised by re-adding the important bits mentioned in

Raghav, don’t worry, we all make mistakes!  We can refine this calmly
later on.


diff --git a/gnu/packages/gnome.scm b/gnu/packages/gnome.scm
index 3c63ab283d..c64b182869 100644
--- a/gnu/packages/gnome.scm
+++ b/gnu/packages/gnome.scm
@@ -7906,7 +7906,29 @@ world.")
        ("yelp" ,yelp)
      ;; Others
        ("hicolor-icon-theme" ,hicolor-icon-theme)
-       ("gnome-online-accounts" ,gnome-online-accounts)))
+       ("gnome-online-accounts" ,gnome-online-accounts)
+       ;; Packages not part of GNOME proper but that are needed for a good
+       ;; experience.  See <https://bugs.gnu.org/39646>.
+       ;; XXX: Find out exactly which ones are needed and why.
+       ("font-cantarell"            ,font-cantarell)
+       ("font-dejavu"               ,font-dejavu)
+       ("at-spi2-core"              ,at-spi2-core)
+       ("dbus"                      ,dbus)
+       ("dconf"                     ,dconf)
+       ("desktop-file-utils"        ,desktop-file-utils)
+       ("gnome-default-applications" ,gnome-default-applications)
+       ("gnome-themes-standard"     ,gnome-themes-standard)
+       ("gst-plugins-base"          ,gst-plugins-base)
+       ("gst-plugins-good"          ,gst-plugins-good)
+       ("gucharmap"                 ,gucharmap)
+       ("pinentry-gnome3"           ,pinentry-gnome3)
+       ("pulseaudio"                ,pulseaudio)
+       ("shared-mime-info"          ,shared-mime-info)
+       ("system-config-printer"     ,system-config-printer)
+       ("xdg-user-dirs"             ,xdg-user-dirs)
+       ("yelp"                      ,yelp)
+       ("zenity"                    ,zenity)))
     (synopsis "The GNU desktop environment")
     (home-page "https://www.gnome.org/";)

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