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bug#39925: `guix pull` failure in multi-machine setup

From: Lars-Dominik Braun
Subject: bug#39925: `guix pull` failure in multi-machine setup
Date: Fri, 6 Mar 2020 08:40:18 +0100
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Hi Ludo,

> This is a limitation in ‘build-aux/build-self.scm’: […]
I don’t understand what’s going on there unfortunately. Is there a high-level
explanation somewhere in the manual?

> We could work around it by letting the ‘GUIX_DAEMON_SOCKET’ environment
> variable through, along these lines:
Nope, that does not seem to be enough. After pulling on master doing the same
on a node (with a patched guix) yields:

ice-9/eval.scm:293:34: Throw to key `srfi-34' with args `(#<condition 
&store-connection-error [file: "ssh://master.<domain>" errno: 95] 

Any ideas?

> +                          (when (and (not (file-port? port) daemon-socket))
(when (and (not (file-port? port)) daemon-socket)
I assume:                        ↑

> […] and won’t work with old Guix revisions anyway.
That means `guix time-machine` could not go back beyond a commit that fixes the
issue, correct? Not a concern for me.

> However, for your use case, you could perhaps simply pull on one machine
> and use ‘guix copy’ to send Guix elsewhere?
The store is the same on all machines, since /gnu/store, /var/guix and /home
are all shared via NFS. As far as I understand the manual `guix copy` would be
useful for store to store transfers on different machines only.


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