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bug#40006: [core-updates] Merge wip-hurd

From: Jan Nieuwenhuizen
Subject: bug#40006: [core-updates] Merge wip-hurd
Date: Tue, 10 Mar 2020 09:48:05 +0100

Hello Guix'y supporters of the Hurd,

This is a follow-up to a discussion on guix-devel
https://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/guix-devel/2020-03/msg00081.html to
keep track of merging recent work for the Hurd by Efraim and others
that started on the Guix Days @fosdem20

    https://gitlab.com/Efraim/guix  @wip-hurd-bootstrap

The `wip-hurd' branch @savannah has now been reset* and now contains a
set of patches that allow for Hurd development, either by building
packages natively or by cross-building.

Most interesting here are the hurd bootstrap binaries and patches to get
through "commencement".  Efraim built a first set of bootstrap binaries
but I found we at least need some minimal set of glibc patches


which I added and so I built a new set.  While this mostly works, we may
want to look at/include more patches from the Debian glibc delta


...but how to choose?

This patch series may be especially interesting as I have been also
using a number of hacks to get to build `hello' natively, avoiding
failing/hanging tests here and there

    HACK gnu: acl: Add patches for the Hurd, disable tests.
    HACK gnu: gettext-minimal: Expect test-raise test to fail on the Hurd.
    HACK gnu: check: Skip hanging tests on the Hurd.
    HACK gnu: guile: Disable tests on Hurd.
    HACK gnu: coreutils: Disable tests on Hurd.

I haven't re-evaluated the need for these yet after my last glibc
patches and I haven't included these on the wip-hurd branch; these live
on wip-hurd-system on my gitlab

    https://gitlab.com/janneke/guix  @wip-hurd-system

That's also where my scratchbook on the Hurd lives


As discussed on guix-devel, we need to build gnumach-headers and
hurd-headers from a tarball release.  Initially I tried the latest
official releases but they are too old.  So I have created unofficial
source tarballs for Gnumach and Hurd tarball by running `make dist' on
the a git checkout on the Debian Hurd and uploaded them here


wip-hurd is branched off core-updates about two weeks ago; I will now
start with rebasing and re-evaluating on latest core-updates.


*) Everything from Manolis' old wip-hurd since been merged or ported to
   the new wip-hurd.

Jan Nieuwenhuizen <address@hidden> | GNU LilyPond http://lilypond.org
Freelance IT http://JoyofSource.com | Avatar® http://AvatarAcademy.com

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