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bug#39941: Disk-image size increase on core-updates.

From: Mathieu Othacehe
Subject: bug#39941: Disk-image size increase on core-updates.
Date: Thu, 12 Mar 2020 09:06:29 +0100
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> Ah yes, we should try to introduce a “lib” output there as well.  I
> vaguely remember this was tricky but I’m not sure why; worth a try!

Ok then, I'll give it a try.

> Speaking of which, the Data Service has things like:
> http://data.guix.gnu.org/gnu/store/p8in2npgl5yhliy25ikz7shjbq0gii95-guile-next-3.0.0
> We could eventually use it to track the evolution of the size of
> individual packages, or that of their closure (even for cross-compiled
> packages).  I remember a discussion with Chris Baines on this but I’m
> not sure what the outcome was.

Yep, it would be very helpful to track package closure size and
cross-compilation status using the CI. When sending a patch to Linux,
you get emails that inform you that you may have broken the build for a
specific architecture, in a specific configuration.

We would really need this kind of feedback for cross-compilation as very
few people actually use it, and it is really easy to break it. That's
something I'd like to discuss with Chris soon.



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