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bug#41655: emacs-general fails to build

From: bdju
Subject: bug#41655: emacs-general fails to build
Date: Mon, 01 Jun 2020 19:51:04 -0500

guix (GNU Guix) cef87bfea8a842d7dcf9a44c2305478fa6cca9b2

I will attempt to attach the build log. I tried pasting the contents and
it crashed my mail client. Also, paste.debian.net is down.
Feel free to advise me on how to send the log in the future, perhaps
this method is not good.

Attachment: 8dvv6j5r7s63k5i8hr6p54lsjmwlvm-emacs-general-0-3.f38fb22.drv.bz2
Description: Binary data

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