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bug#41541: merge wip-hurd-vm

From: Mathieu Othacehe
Subject: bug#41541: merge wip-hurd-vm
Date: Wed, 03 Jun 2020 17:38:23 +0200
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> Legend (in order of merge'ability / is there a convention for this?):
>   [M] Mathieu
>   [L] Ludo
>    g  good to go LGTM'd
>    t  trivial (self-LGTM :-)
>    .  direct dependency of/partially superseded by a LGTM
>       ack or review needed
>    !  troublesome

Hehe, nice one :)

>    !  ee81319934 image: Support extra-directives, add hurd-directives.

This one now only contains the hurd symlink, that you could be done at
activation I guess.

>    t  4479c1c1e3 linux-boot: Update 'make-hurd-device-nodes'.
>   [M] a17f91bd50 image: Add Hurd support.
>    t  7359403993 gnu: hurd: Update to upstream Hurd-reserved xattr index.
>   [L] 68a8a26a57 gnu: guile-static: Disable JIT on ARMv7.
>   [L] 220243a2c6 vm: Shared-store script runs that native QEMU and Bash.
>   [L] e3b6c5dce2 vm: <virtual-machine> compiler honors system and target.
>   [L] d43423f074 vm: 'qemu-image' preserves the cross-compilation target of 
> the OS.
>   [L] c6ee3a059b vm: 'qemu-image' uses the native partitioning tools and 
> bootloader.
>   [L] ab06638f57 vm: 'expression->derivation-in-linux-vm' always returns a 
> native build.
>   [L] 113ba9d7a9 system: 'system-linux-image-file-name' takes an optional 
> parameter.

For the rest, maybe you could send a patch serie by email with all the
patch that are tagged ' ' or '!'. This way we could proceed to a last
review round?



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