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bug#41541: [PATCH 6/8] system: examples: Add bare-hurd.tmpl.

From: Mathieu Othacehe
Subject: bug#41541: [PATCH 6/8] system: examples: Add bare-hurd.tmpl.
Date: Sat, 06 Jun 2020 09:56:45 +0200
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>     ./pre-inst-env guix system vm-image --target=i586-pc-gnu --no-grafts \
>         gnu/system/examples/bare-hurd.tmpl

Not related to your serie, but I would really like the "image" catalog I
proposed to help here. Most people struggle to get the difference
between --system and --target. Plus, those cross-compilation targets are
not really documented.

I think if one could write:

guix system image gnu/system/images/bare-hurd.scm

or so, it would help. But this needs some more discussions.

> -  #:use-module ((guix utils) #:select (source-properties->location))
> +  #:use-module ((guix utils) #:select (source-properties->location
> +                                       %current-target-system))

You're not using it right?

> +    ;; (kernel-loadable-modules '())

Remove it.

> +    ;; (label (operating-system-default-label this-operating-system))

Same for this one and the other commented lines below.



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